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Welcome to 59gibson.com

This site is dedicated to our 1959 first generation Gibson Double 12 (aka EDS-1275). We acquired this rare and interesting instrument in June of 2010 from the Son of the original owner. His father was an R&B player from Detroit. He custom ordered this guitar from the Gibson catalog and played in Detroit area clubs till around 1965. After that, sadly, it sat unused till his Son brought it to a local music shop to sell.

Gibson offered these guitars, custom order only, starting in 1958. In addition to being Gibson’s first double neck, it was also Gibson’s first electric 12 string. These guitars have thick, 1-7/8 inch, hollow bodies. In 1961 Gibson discontinued this model in favor of the newer, solid body, SG style. The Double 12 came in white, burst, and black. George Gruhn, one of the foremost authorities on vintages guitars, as quoted in Guitar Player magazine, puts the production numbers at 46 total. It goes without saying that this guitar is extremely rare!

For its time, this guitar is full of amazing and innovative features. It includes, not one… not two… but four original PAF humbucker pickups! It also includes triple body binding, maple back and sides and a spruce arch top. The two bridges are ABR 1 Tune-O-Matics. See the specs section for full details.

Besides its obvious outstanding physical features, its tone is simply stunning. After playing it thru a 56 Tweed Supro amp we were blown away by its rare, and highly sought-after, genuine Gibson PAF sound. The legendary warm tone and killer sustain expected from these pickups was fully present. In addition, the hollow body adds a unique and interesting tonal dynamic that must be heard to be fully appreciated.